Why should I consider leasing with Alberta Auto Finance?

We are not a “cookie cutter “leasing company and have the ability to tailor your lease to your specific needs. We have a competitive program and access to many manufacturers to help you find the right vehicle for you.  We are part of the McManes Automotive Group with over 16 New Franchised dealerships and several more opening in 2017 we have the size and selection to meet all your leasing needs. We will exceed your expectations.

What if I want a used vehicle?

Not a problem, we also lease late model used vehicles at competitive rates. Our large network of partner dealerships will help us source the right used vehicle for your needs and budget. If you are in a current lease we can also re-lease that vehicle back to you.

What are the different types of leases?

The common types of leases are Closed-End and Open-End.  Both types of leases offer advantages depending on the intended usage of the vehicle. Open-Ended leases allow the customer to assume the responsibility for the end value of the lease. These are common when the customer wants to avoid access mileage or abnormal wear and tear charges. Closed-Ended leases allow the customers to drop the vehicle off at lease maturity and will be responsible for excess kilometers and excess wear and tear on the vehicle.

What happens at the end of my lease?

At the end of your lease you will always have options. They are:

  • Buyout your lease for the amount stated on your lease agreement
  • Return and replace your vehicle
  • Sell your vehicle to an employee or third party
  • Keep your vehicle and re-lease it for another term

You will be contacted prior to the end of your lease and explained your options.

Can I break my lease early?

You will have the option to buy out your lease any time prior to the end of your lease. If you are looking to change vehicles our network of dealers will be the best sources to consult with to assess the current value of your vehicle and put you in the right vehicle for your needs and budget. Simply dropping off your vehicle early will depend on what the book value of your vehicle and may require you to pay a sum of money to offset the shortfall.

What will I be charged at the end of my lease?

Most customers will not pay anything except for their buy out amount. It will depend on the type of your lease.  The details of additional charges are outlined in your lease agreement.  Some customers will be charged for excess wear and tear on the vehicle and excess mileage to what was agreed to in the lease.

What if I had some blemishes on my credit?

We understand that good people go through a rough period from time to time and we are here to listen to your particular circumstances.  In most cases we are able to structure a lease for you.

What form of payment do you accept and can I structure my payments according to my pay?

We accept Pre- Authorized withdrawals from your bank account and we can structure them to come out monthly or bi-monthly depending on your preference.